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Boxes for photographic collections

30 Jun

Over the last few months I have been working collaboratively with an artist who wanted a set of boxes to display his photographs in. He was particularly interested in having Tibetan imagery or colours incorporated into the design as he has an ongoing relationship with this country and Buddhism.

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On the spine of each box there is a strand of the Endless Knot – a common motif in Tibet. Each box combined together forms a complete Endless Knot when standing side-by-side. The number 108 is important in Tibetan Buddhism and is reflected in the design – there are 12 boxes which will have 9 photographs in each box. So every part adds up to a bigger whole!

The technical name for this box is a Solander or Clamshell Box. This style has two inner boxes (one fits into the other) and both are encased by a hardback cover. The boxes make a lovely whooshing sound when shutting.


Foot box

8 Apr

This is clamshell-style box that I made. The two halves fit into each other – and make a great Whoosh noise.

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The inspiration for the foot on the front came from an old auction guide. In this guide there is a section on ‘folk jewellery’. This jewellery consists of various body parts depicted in metal e.g. legs, lungs, eyes, etc. I loved the way these body parts were shown isolated from the rest of the body, revered as something greater than the body to which they are attached.

I use this box to store A5 sketchbooks that I use for note-taking, ideas and drawing.