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Vintage wedding set

1 Sep

This wedding set has a wonderful nostalgic feel: the bride had special memories of leafing through her own mother’s album when she was young and wanted something that would remind her of this whilst retaining a modern edge.

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The wedding set consists of a large album for general wedding photos and a Polaroid guestbook where guests fill it with photos and messages on the day. Both books are side hinged and come with custom-made slipcases to protect the books for future years.

The lace used matches the lace on the wedding invitations, tying eveything together. I sketched several different cover visualisations based on suggestions the couple had and then they chose their favourite design.

Butterfly leather wedding album

26 Aug

Here is a beautiful blue leather album I bound for a couple’s wedding day. I was given many mementos from the wedding decor including sashes, tables decorations, mass booklets and much more. I incorporated these different elements into the design of this special album.

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The soft leather wraps around the album pages and is fastened using a purple sash – which had been used to decorate the chairs at the wedding reception. I like the contrast between the shimmery purple material and the bold colour of the leather. The endpapers are hand-marbled by me using complementary colours that mimic the pattern of butterfly wings – a motif used throughout the wedding.

For the inside page, I hand-cut little butterflies and laid them out so that they look like they are flying across the pages. This ties in with the seating plan for the top table which I attached to the following page. Each page of the album has a glassine sheet. These protect each individual photo and prevents them from sticking to each other. They also add a very luxurious feel to the whole album.

In the centre of the album I have bound in the couple’s wedding booklet, removing the staples and thus preventing any rust deterioration in the future. The stitching along the spine is an altered darting stitch. I changed the layout of the holes so that they would mimic wings, tying in with the butterfly theme.


Timeless guestbook

7 Apr

This wedding guestbook is a Secret Belgian binding – a style that has a distinctive thread pattern on the cover and around the spine of the book. The V shape formed by the thread is replicated by the pattern on the Art Deco coverpaper.

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The book is sewn in two separate sections: the primary sewing creates the textblock and the secondary sewing is used to bind the textblock to the cover. The client chose a luxurious cream paper which I tore by hand in order to create a deckled edge solidifying the handmade look of the book.

I wanted to create a slipcase that would not only protect the guestbook but also draw the whole design together. I had originally planned to use black bookcloth to cover the slipcase but it invoked an overly sombre tone. Instead I chose an off-white bookcloth that created an airy feel and served as a striking contrast to the black spine of the guestbook.