Pop-up book workshop

13 Aug

This summer I took part in a 3-day workshop on Pop-up books in Oxford. The course was facilitated by Heather Hunter who is a whizz at the art of pop-ups. The first day of the course was dedicated to single slit pop-ups. These are pop-ups that use only one cut to produce a 3D effect. We learnt about shaped, symmetrical, asymmetrical and cut away pop-ups, experimenting with the different effects each one created.

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On the second day, we moved on to double slit pop-ups. As the name suggests, this style uses two cuts to make a pop-up. Building on the previous day’s knowledge, we developed our designs creating more complex structures. We used the last day to develop the array of pop-up techniques we were introduced to. I particularly enjoyed this day and used it to develop multiple combinations of pop-ups within one page.

For the last hour, we made our books into a simple book using double-sided tape to stick the pages together. The spine of my book was made out of an old Tyvek envelope. This is an amazing material which I hadn’t come across before. It is a lightweight synthetic material that is impossible to rip or tear. I’ll definitely try to use Tyvek for future book projects. The completed book is lovely to have as a how-to guide for pop-ups.


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