Milis Books are unique, handmade books, individually customised according to your specifications.

The books are made using paper and materials of a high quality. The photo albums, guest books and journals are acid-free and archival. This means they are made from materials that last for decades, with minimal deterioration.

I make a wide range of books: photo albums, wedding, baby and engagement albums, guest books, diaries, artist’s notebooks and journals. My books are fully customisable – you can choose the binding and cover styles, paper, size and inscription.

How to get started

Step 1:

Browse through the different sections and figure out what type of book you would like – photo album, guest book, artist’s journal or other.

Step 2:

Choose what style of binding you would like:

Step 3:

Choose your cover style. There are 3 basic styles of cover to choose from:

1. Cover papers

Choose a cover paper from a wide range in the Cover paper section. I have many high-quality, acid-free papers from Japan, Italy, Germany and occasionally some of my own hand-printed papers. There is a range of patterns, from flowery to simple, from colourful to elegant.

2. Photograph inset on cover

Personalise your album by having a photograph of your choice on the front cover. The photograph is inset into the cover, which is made with monotone book cloth.


3. Collage cover

I can a make collage cover by request, using general themes chosen by you, e.g. favourite colours, hobbies, career, etc. The collages are one-off, individual artworks, resulting in a book that is truly unique.



Step 4:

Choose your book size and how many pages will be in your book. I can make a book to any size. Photo albums generally come in one of four sizes, but can also be tailor-made to your desired size.

Step 5:

Decide whether if you would like an inscription, either on the front cover or on the first page.

Step 6:

Contact me for a quote or if you have any questions. Use the contact form below or this email address:

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